Division FAQ

Stonewall Sports Cleveland's seventh season of kickball will run from September 9th to October 21st. Join your friends for 6 weeks of regular games, a tournament, and events to celebrate the last bit of warm weather!

This season we will be exploring the advantages of competitive and social division structures for our games! Check out all the information below to get the full scoop on what's in store for our next exciting season!

What are 'Divisions?'

Stonewall Kickball Cleveland's Fall 2018 season will have concurrent social and competitive divisions! This simply means that we are providing two distinct options for team play styles this fall, each division playing at the same place and at the same time but not facing off against each other. The best parts about having a Stonewall Sports Cleveland family on Sunday are going to remain the same!

Why are we exploring divisions?

With new commissioners and a robust league filled with players of varied interests, this was the perfect time to reimagine how we play. When Stonewall Kickball Cleveland was formed in 2015, we were a smaller league of 6 teams - over a short period of time the league has grown to 18 teams! We are refreshing the structure of Stonewall Kickball Cleveland this fall to provide a more diverse player experience. Of course, this change comes from our commissioners and their thoughtful engagement with community feedback over multiple seasons. As a queer affirming, socially active sports league in Cleveland, concurrent social and competitive divisions are the best way to adapt to the needs of our membership!

Will I still get to see my friends play if they are in another division?

Absolutely! Games will still be played concurrently and at the same location, so you are free to show up early or stick around after your game to cheer on your fellow Stonewall Sports family. One of the best parts about Stonewall Sports is watching our friends play when we're off the field.

How will teams be divided?

That is all up to you and/or your team captain!

When a captain signs their team up, they will be presented with the option to select "Forest City Social Division," "Burning River Competitive Division," or "Either," placing the team in the selected division. Individual team players will not have to select this option. A team's division will already be pre-selected by the captain. Free agents will be given the opportunity to select which division they would like to be sorted into.

If you, as a free agent or team captain, can't decide, don't worry! You can select "either" and you will be placed into a division.

Why should I join the Forest City Social Division?

You should join the Forest City Social Division if:

  • you enjoy a low pressure and a more relaxed atmosphere
  • you play best in games focused on fun and social interaction
  • you're looking for a great division for your reintroduction to sports, or you're a first timer! 
  • You want to win the league socialite award. 

Why should I join the Burning River Competitive Division?

You should join the Burning River Competitive Division if:

  • You're looking to challenge yourself and your friends
  • Elevating your skill level is a primary goal
  • You want to win the MVP award 

How will the tournaments be structured?

For the Forest City Social Division, the season will function as a season-long round-robin style tournament. This means each team in the social division will play every other team in the division. The winner of the division will be the team with the best record at the end.

For the Burning River Competitive Division, the season play will determine your seeding in the single-elimination tournament at the end of the season. The winner of the division will be the team who wins the single-elimination tournament.

Are divisions going to be a part of all future seasons?

Stonewall Kickball's Fall 2018 season is exploring the advantages of concurrent social and competitive divisions. As this is Stonewall Kickball Cleveland's first endeavor into a new format, we will be collecting feedback and adjusting future seasons based on the results.

If you have mid season feedback for the league, send a detailed email to stonewallsportscleveland@gmail.com. At the end of the season, as always, the SSC League-wide survey will have multiple questions and an extended response section where you can detail your experience.

The selection you make for the Fall 2018 season will only be applied to that season. In the future, if we continue with these divisions, team captains and free agents will be able to select in which division they would like to participate at the start of each season .

Important Note: Stonewall Sports Cleveland reserves the right to revert back to randomized division placement if we are unable to achieve our goals of improvement.

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