Stonewall Kickball

Kickball commissioners Parker Keating, Kaitlyn Price, and Kate Valaitis are working hard to make this the best season of Stonewall Kickball yet! 

We have scheduled our registration period to open on Monday, February 10th at 6:00pm and close by 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 19th.

We have some exciting news: Instead of one longer season of kickball this year we will be changing it up once again and moving to an 8 week format! Same divisions you all love with a longer time to forge meaningful relationships and engage with the community!

The season starts April 19th and runs through June 14th. This season of Stonewall Kickball will cost 35.00 per player. Remix is still to be determined.

Join our community on Facebook and get your questions answered in our FAQ below!

What are the rules for Stonewall Kickball?

Stonewall Kickball is an accessible sport for all participants of any skill level! We've got you covered - there will be a comprehensive skills & rules clinic before our season starts.

Hungry for more information? Check out the official rule book and this video with basics of game play filmed right here in Cleveland:

How do I join Stonewall Kickball?

There are three ways you can participate in a Stonewall Sports season as an active player. You can:

  • Create and captain a team
    • Creating your own team and acting as the Captain gives you control over how you build your roster. You can recruit up to 14 players or a minimum of 10 and will be given free agents to round your team out. 
  • Joining as a free agent
    • Playing as a free agent is a great way to experience Stonewall, whether it's your first season or your 10th! Our leagues grow year after year, so it's almost guaranteed you'll meet groups of new and friendly people. You can also request to be partnered with a friend as a pair of 4 free agents so that you are placed on a team together. 
  • Join an existing team as a player 
    • Stonewall Kickball teams are coordinated first by the team captain. Before completing the registration process, please ensure that a captain knows you will be taking up a player spot on their team. This prevents any confusion for the team rosters.

What do I need to know as a captain?

All Stonewall Sports Cleveland captains should be excellent communicators, mediators, and leaders. 

As a captain you will be responsible for:

  • Communicating essential information about schedules, locations, and events
  • Selecting the division in which your team will play this season
  • Team cohesion and healthy interaction between your team members and other participants
  • The on-boarding of your free agent players, helping them transition from new player to fully fledged team member and friend
  • Management of line-ups, positions, and general information about the sport
  • Ensuring that everyone adheres to the Stonewall Sports code of conduct

If I have questions or concerns about the league, who can I reach out to?

Please direct all questions, comments, and concerns to:

We ensure that your communications with the league can be treated as confidential and handled respectfully.

Sport-specific questions will be forwarded to your current commissioners; Parker Keating, Kaitlyn Price and Kate Valaitis

Questions about the league in general or the Stonewall Sports Cleveland organization can be answered by any one of our Board of Directors, which is staffed by 15 volunteer Stonewall members. Feel free to reach out!

What is the season schedule like? What kind of time commitment is required?

Each team plays one game on Sunday as scheduled. We also encourage team brunches and after parties at our league sponsors or just hangout at the park!  Participants are encouraged, but not strictly required, to attend each game during the season. Coordinate with your team captain to work around schedules and prior commitments. Teams that are unable to field the minimum number of players will forfeit the game. Scrimmages or socials are encouraged and welcomed.

Don't forget about all the fun social events throughout the year! Stay up to date with our official community Facebook Page

Why was the season length changed?

This season we will be moving to one (1) eight (8) week season vs two (2) shorter seasons due to the AMAZING growth of Stonewall Sports Cleveland! Your Kickball Commissioners have identified this as the best way to manage our growth as an organization as well as within kickball itself. The longer one (1) season structure will allow our members to participate in multiple Stonewall Sports activities and events over the course of a calendar year that would otherwise face significant overlap and honor our mission of providing a high fun, low cost, inclusive sports league.

We will also be filling the fall gap this year with a Remix kickball season running 3 weeks.

How can I volunteer?

We are looking for umpires to undergo our certification process for this season. Any interested persons should contact

We will be holding an umpire certification session before the season startsStay tuned for more information.

Each team will also need to provide base refs for each week at a scheduled time separate from their game. These positions do not need to undergo the umpire certification but should have a clear understanding of the rules to assist the umpire in calling the game.

Who are our league sponsors?

Check back soon for more information about our new and returning sponsors, whose generosity has made Stonewall Sports Cleveland so successful!

Our league wide sponsors for 2020 are:

Corona Extra (National Sponsor)

Goldhorn Brewery

The LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland

Twist Social Club

Shade Nightclub

Who is Stonewall Sports for?

Stonewall Sports is for everyone. Perhaps you haven't kicked a ball since elementary school, thrown a dodgeball since high school, served a volleyball in the sand ever, tried out Yoga since New Years 2017, or enjoyed the social lawn game of Bocce outside of the annual family cookout, or maybe you've been playing in adult leagues for years, either way, we offer a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all. In the case you are unsure about sports Stonewall Sports Cleveland offers several social events throughout the year including monthly happy hours and Social Mixers.

If you are still unsure if Stonewall Sports is for you, review our Code of Conduct to confirm your beliefs and values align with our goals for the organization.

How will teams be divided?

That is all up to you and/or your team captain!

Team will be 10-14 registered players that have selected their team. The Commissioners will then fill in remaining roster spots with free agents until all registered free agents have been assigned a team.

When a captain signs their team up, they will be presented with the option to select "Forest City Social Division," "Burning River Competitive Division," or "Either," placing the team in the selected division. Individual team players will not have to select this option. A team's division will already be pre-selected by the captain. Free agents will be given the opportunity to select which division they would like to be sorted into.

If you are registering as a free agent and can't decide which division to join, don't worry! You can select "either" and you will be placed into a division.

When considering Divisions:

You should join Forest City Social Division if:

  • You enjoy a low pressure and a more relaxed atmosphere
  • You are not 100% confident in your understanding of game strategy or the rules of the game
  • You play best in games focused on fun and the social interaction
  • You're looking for a great division for your reintroduction to sports. Or you're a first timer
  • You want to win the league socialite award

You should join the Burning River Competitive Division if:

  • You're looking to challenge yourself and your friends
  • Elevating your skill level is a primary goal
  • You have a strong understanding of game strategy or the rules of the game
  • You want to win the MVP award

Are there any bye weeks schedule?

Due to the season being moved forward a week and shortened by 2 (two) weeks we will only have 1 (one) bye week occurring Memorial Day weekend. If needed we will schedule doubleheaders to accommodate games canceled due to inclement weather or field conditions.

My team is worried about overlap with North Coast Softball. Can I play in both Stonewall and North Coast?

Yes, we are working with the Commissions of North Coast Softball to minimize game day overlap. We cannot promise there will be zero conflict, however the Commissioners of both sports are hopeful we'll be able to find balance in the schedules.

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