Locations where our activities take place.

  1. Address

    2800 Archwood Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44109

    Archwood UCC - Dodgeball

    Archwood United Church of Christ

    Use side door entrance, go down stairs, and follow hallway to court at the end. 

  2. Address

    6700 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway
    Cleveland, OH 44102

    Sub Locations

    1. Field A
    2. Field B
    3. Field C
    4. Field D
    5. Field E
    6. Field F
    7. Field G
    8. Field H

    Edgewater Park - Bocce

    Kite Field at Edgewater Park.

  3. Address

    West 38th and Franklin Blvd.
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    Sub Locations

    1. Baseball Diamond
    2. Outfield Grass

    Fairview Park, Ohio City - Kickball

    We encourage players to park for free across from Bounce on Detroit and walk over to Fairview Park. 

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